Dame Mint Pattie samples the Curate’s egg menu @ the Canberra wine dinner

On a wet, icy Saturday night we’re playing ‘spot the winemaker’ in old Parliament House. It goes something like this: no tie, expensive but rumpled suit that looks as though the wearer has arrived straight from the office – senior public servant, scratch and sniff tweed sports jacket matched inappropriately with jeans – our man in Canberra, corduroy trousers, sensible shoes and possibly scotch guarded coat – winemaker.

The excuse for this stereotyping* is the Canberra district wine & regional food dinner, and while making outrageous assumptions about complete strangers is always fun, we’re really here for the booze chance to try the region’s best wines.

Anne Caine, energetic Prez of the Canberra District Wine Association, noticing 14 Canberra wines had cracked Halliday’s Top 100 Wines of NSW, cooked up a dinner with Janet Jeffs and Ginger Catering to showcase the result.

It was, as a certain sartorially challenged, tweed aficionado said, a top idea, as well as a convenient way to get a handle on where some of the best Canberra juice is heading. And the results were excellent.

wine dinner

Top drops of the night included old mates like the Brindabella Hills sauv blanc and the Collector shiraz, and other local heroes such as the Wallaroo riesling and Capital Wines shiraz. While the dinner mainly featured wines from the 07/08 vintages, the 2005 Four Winds shiraz and the 06 Yarrah Wines Cabernet showed how a little bottle age can make all the difference for the right wines.

The only bum note was a couple of the food courses – a goat cheese ravioli that had but a passing acquaintance with boiling water and a deconstructed lamb pie that our man said looked and tasted like it had been assembled by a semiotician rather than a chef (but I expect he’s just been reading Roland Barthes again).

Next year – and this has all the makings of an annual event – if the quality of the food matches the wine, I’ll be a completely happy Dame (well, as long as OMIC wears some reasonable strides).

* and we won’t even mention what I had to say about the chicks (yes I’m a bit of a biatch, move along).


#1 Liam on 06.10.09 at 6:38 am

Cool, but if there were no berets on display then the stereotypes hadn’t started yet. Nothing says wine night like a felt hat, and I say this as an aficionado of both.
PS. Biatch, beeyatch, or beeyotch? I’ve read all spellings (the last in particular has a very Mel Brooks Yiddish sound to it IMO). Are they interchangeable spellings or regional varietals of the same fruit?

#2 Fyodor on 06.10.09 at 7:24 am

…and we won’t even mention what I had to say about the chicks (yes I’m a bit of a biatch, move along).

I wish you would.

I quite like “Biatch” – it also has Shtetlish-Yentlish feel to it.

#3 Liam on 06.10.09 at 8:22 am

“Everybody’s talking behind their backs about the new three-door Daihatsu Biatch. You’ll have no complaints if you pre-judge for yourself at your nearest dealer”.

#4 Fyodor on 06.10.09 at 8:56 am


“You’ll be amazed at the surprisingly large boot space in the otherwise compact Daihatsu Biatch.

Daihatsu: Life’s a Biatch.”

#5 Liam on 06.10.09 at 9:14 am

“Everybody’s Talking About The Daihatsu Biatch”
“The Comfortable Daihatsu Biatch: No Kvetches For Your Tchotchkes”
“Daihatsu Biatch: Assembled By Semioticians”

#6 Dr Sister Outlaw on 06.10.09 at 6:18 pm

I am not sure you lot are approaching the thread in the right spirit

#7 Dame Mint Pattie on 06.10.09 at 6:39 pm

Amusing the hell out of me though!

#8 Dr Sister Outlaw on 06.10.09 at 9:59 pm

they are that

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