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Capital Wines is a joint venture between Jennie and Mark Mooney of Grazing restaurant Gundaroo and Andrew and Marion McEwin’s Kyeema Wines, so they should know a thing or two about making food friendly wine. There’s no cellar door yet, but Jennie says they’ll be opening one on site with Grazing restaurant in early 2010.

CapitalwinesIn the meantime the wines are available through their online cellar and a variety of places throughout Canberra including Plonk – OMIC* reports spotting some of Capital’s ministry label at the national museum gift shop. With names such as ‘The Backbencher’ Merlot, ‘The Fence Sitter’ Rose and ‘The Swinger’ Sauvignon Blanc, it’s a series clearly in touch with this town.

I’m pretty keen to try ‘The Ambassador’ Tempranillo, and while I could wander off to Plonk for a bottle and let OMIC go at it in the kitchen**, the idea of trying some in situ at Grazing is very appealing. On a more worrying note 2010’s not that far away, so once the cellar door is operating, a full report will be lodged.

For more on Capital Wines, the old master Chris Shanahan has an informative post at his website.

*I wanted to start referring to our man in Canberra as ‘our Mick’ but apparently this makes him sound like ‘an indentured Irish day worker’.

**In our loose coalition, he tends to cook and I switch on the Asko.

Capital Wines
Opening early 2010
(02) 6236 8555

These posts are cross posted from Our Notional Capital, where Dame Pattie blogs with her partner, our man in Canberra. The progressive list is here.


#1 Zoe on 25.08.09 at 6:18 pm

I salute Dame Pattie for her prescient review! And should mention that Jennie Mooney tweets at @CapitalWines (she’s enjoying Singapore at the moment).

It’s interesting how effectively winemakers are using Twitter in comparison to other food & drink businesses… they seem well ahead of the pack.

#2 Liam on 26.08.09 at 9:04 am

May I suggest your Mick be styled, in imitation of the Alan Ramsay/Laurie Oakes style of press gallery lizard, OSPC (Our Senior Pinot Correspondent)?

#3 Dame Mint Pattie on 27.08.09 at 7:20 am

Hi Liam
I reckon he’d like that. And it’s much more polite than most of the things I call him.

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