My laptop has finally turned up its circuits, and I will be offline for a while. During this time I shall be attending a lovely wedding in Melbourne where I am assured there will be a “bloggers lounge”. However, such graciousness notwithstanding, I will not be posting or commenting much for a bit.

Recipes from demystification day will be up as soon as I’m on my cyberfeet again. In the meantime …


#1 Dr Sister Outlaw on 02.04.09 at 8:11 am

This is VERY bad news.

#2 FDB on 02.04.09 at 8:42 am

Sein schpelling ist auch kaput.


#3 Nabakov on 02.04.09 at 12:38 pm

Check your yahoo email address FDB.

#4 FDB on 02.04.09 at 3:25 pm


Cheers Nabs. I might just be able to pop down, though a little late and smelly owing to 8pm indoor soccer game. Maybe I’ll give you a call and check how things are going around 9.

Be good to meet you Zoe!

#5 Francis Xavier Holden on 02.04.09 at 7:39 pm

I might just be able to pop down, though a little late and smelly

Just the usual then?

#6 Zoe on 02.04.09 at 7:55 pm

So that’s the Standard, in Fitzroy, from 7 if anyone else is in the mood.

#7 kate on 03.04.09 at 10:45 am

Is that Saturday night at the Standard? (Sadly I am engaged elsewhere on Saturday, so I’m secretly hoping, Ann-like, for a permissable substitution)

#8 FDB on 03.04.09 at 1:40 pm

Tonight (i.e. Friday), Kate.

#9 Nabakov on 04.04.09 at 12:27 am


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