… or more accurately things picked up off the side of the road. It’s very late for apricots, but I found a boxful on the way home from dropping my son at school this morning. Not too ripe, and while a few are rust-marked they’re still fine to be cooked. Killer fact of the day: an average bike basket can carry just over 5 kgs of stonefruit.


And a hello to anyone who’s found there way here from The Canberra Times’ Food & Wine article today. If you’re new to blogs, you can use the sidebar over on the right there -> to check out some of the latest posts, or find your way around by looking up a particular ingredient or category of posts. The blogroll is a list of great food blogs from all over. The contributors tab up top lists all posts by each of the site’s writers and there’s a recipe index too. Don’t feel shy to leave a comment.


#1 Cristy on 18.03.09 at 10:19 am

Oh yum! I love apricots so much – especially in pie.

I thought that apricot season was over?

Did the bike basket fall from someone’s bike?

#2 Zoe on 18.03.09 at 10:26 am

Me too – usually get the very latest ones in Feb. I think these might have been picked pretty green a while ago, because there were some very dry and brown leaves amongst them. I’ll cook them up and freeze for now.

#3 Polly on 18.03.09 at 11:10 am

Hi Zoe. I’m one of those who found their way here via this morning’s CT article. I’m not a very adept cook but am keen to improve – so I’ll be back.

#4 Zoe on 18.03.09 at 11:21 am

Hi, Polly, and thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy having a look around.

#5 Sarah Z on 18.03.09 at 1:08 pm

You go girl! Great to see your talents appreciated by a wider audience. If only they could all taste your chicken pie.. Sarah

#6 ampersand duck on 18.03.09 at 7:02 pm

Have stuck you on my pinboard blog.

They did a great job of hiding the kitchen! You look hawt, as do all the bowls of yummies.

#7 Pamela Faye on 20.03.09 at 9:42 pm

oh, nice score. the stone fruit have been delicious this year. Adelaide markets are full of them.

BTW, did the CT article make it online? I haven’t been able to find it, despite at least one (admittedly brief) attempt. Send it through, girl!

#8 Zoe on 20.03.09 at 9:56 pm

It was an ace score on the apricots. I was worried that something Weird had gone on, but was calmed by seeing a neighbour’s tree with very late apricots yesterday and will cook them up this weekend. This makes me happy because there is no substitute for your backyard apricot and ours were crap this year.

And fortunately for me &Duck has a big fat scanner and has put the article up at her flickr, here’s the cover, the article and the other bad photo

#9 Julie on 21.03.09 at 7:06 am

It was great to read the article about you and the blog. I’m not living in Canberra anymore (I live in Wollongong) and boy do I miss the availability of great fresh and organic food. There’s a small organic shop near my place with limited fresh food or I drive to Bowral to Wild Food.

#10 Nancy on 21.03.09 at 8:45 am

Stopping by belatedly to say congratulations on the CT article! Still kicking myself for forgetting to buy the paper on Wednesday.

#11 Zoe on 21.03.09 at 7:19 pm

Wow, Julie, you’d think that Wollongong would be well set up – it’s easy to forget that we’re actually very spoiled in Canberra.

And Nancy, &Duck has put a scan of the article on her flickr, and I’ll put a link in the post. What have you done with those finger limes from the market?

#12 Dr Sister Outlaw on 22.03.09 at 9:54 am

Oh, this chef was talking about finger limes on Simon Marney on ABC 702 (Sydney) yesterday. I forgot to concentrate on what he said about them because he used the words vinegarette and singly, when he meant vinaigrette and singularly.

#13 Crit on 22.03.09 at 10:12 am

W’gong used to have an organic shop, but it got edged out by Macr0, who I thought had a shop near there, though it hardly counts does it?

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