Op Shop Idol

I would like to publicly thank all those people who buy cast iron skillets, don’t find out how to look after them, use them once and give them to the op shop whereupon I buy them for a dollar each, clean them with steel wool and hot water, season them and happily cook with them forever after.

Bless them all. The little one I bought this week, the big one about six months ago. We don’t bother to put them away. They just live on the hotplates and get used every day.

I found a couple of other treasures today -

CALL 19 10 10 Block mounted WWI US Food Administration Poster!!!!

CALL 19 10 10 Dr Oetker aluminium bundt pudding steamer !!!!

Other recent treasures include all our cutlery (threw what we had out, as the new stuff was much nicer) and most of our crockery.


#1 kate on 21.11.08 at 2:49 pm

My favourite frying pan came from Savers. Same story.

Are you going to make a Bundt?

#2 Phil on 21.11.08 at 3:04 pm

That bundt pudding tin is a great pick up. I’d be tempted to cook pudding and use the hole to create a brandy volcano at the table.

My favorite egg slide came from Savers.

#3 Nancy on 21.11.08 at 8:22 pm

Any recommendations on good op shops near Civic/Braddon for a Canberra newcomer? ‘Cause you know, I need an excuse to buy more kitchenware….

#4 Zoe on 21.11.08 at 10:07 pm

Yes, I shall make a bundt, and I am very tempted to have a brandy volcano with it. Having set the griller on fire yesterday, I might do it outside. Is there a procedure for a brandy volcano or do I just go for it?

Nancy, there are two reasonable oppys in the area – the Seventh Day Adventists have one in Lonsdale St in Braddon (last scores – Laura Chenel’s goat cheese cookbook for $4 and a nut loaf tin) and the world’s smallest op shop in the Griffin Centre in Civic, run by the Brain Injury foundation (last score The De’Medici Kitchen for $1).

If you have transport Fyshwick, Belconnen and Mitchell have better pickins.

#5 Dr Sista Outlaw on 22.11.08 at 4:00 am

Oh my, that’s an incredible pudding bowl. My aluminium jobby is much more pedestrian

#6 Nancy on 22.11.08 at 9:09 am

Thanks for the recs! Now on my list to check out.

#7 dylwah on 22.11.08 at 12:40 pm

Good score Zoe, i am sure that this is why ishtar made stupid people, now if we could just get them to do the same with their grandparents china i’d be happy, note i’m not greedy, i just want the gravy boats and only if the drip tray is attached to the boat.

#8 And then we ate the hare | Progressive Dinner Party on 22.11.08 at 10:25 pm

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#9 FDB on 24.11.08 at 9:44 am

Pudding steamers are my opshopping Great White Whale. I was tripping over them to get to the vinyl bin for years, then when I finally realised I needed to have one… nothing.

Griddle skillet – $2.50 from Don Bosco op-shop on Sydney Rd. Why is kangaroo with stripes so delicious?

#10 Helen on 24.11.08 at 12:16 pm

Is the Yass op shop still there? My parents used to live in Canberra in the 1980s and I would drive up from Melbourne to visit them. I’d always arrange to be passing Yass during opening hours. Can’t remember much in the way of kitchen implements, but I do rememer the beautiful black suede medium heel shoes, 2 pairs in just my size, almost new cond.

#11 Zoe on 24.11.08 at 12:29 pm

Yes, Helen, Yass is particularly blessed with op shops. In fact there is an old arcade which has been converted into the world’s most cluttered oppy.

FDB, one day your steamer will come. dylwah what’s your gravy boat fetish?

#12 Mindy on 24.11.08 at 2:00 pm

I was in Ross’ Relics today looking for pudding bowls (or steamers). It has moved now, and is in an old garage on the other side of the road, towards the Melb end of town. If you go past the cheap Asian textiles (0r not if you prefer) you will find all the stuff still cluttering up every surface, although easier to see than in the old arcade. I didn’t find any pudding bowls or steamers but I did have a lovely time wandering around. Open most weekends I think. @dylwah I’m pretty sure I saw a few gravy boats with drip trays there. I didn’t look at prices though, sometimes it’s cheap and sometimes seems expensive.

I also tried Vinnies – complete lack of pudding bowls or steamers, but I suspect that the volunteer ladies are pretty on the ball and probably snaffle the good stuff first (which I think is one of the priviledges of giving up ones time to volunteer). I did however get a handbag with cane handles which I’m not sure if it is kitsch or fabulous, a red suede bag for my daughter so she stops pinching my handbag, and some dolls clothes for the doll we bought there last time.

#13 FDB on 25.11.08 at 5:48 pm

“not sure if it is kitsch or fabulous”

False dichotomy alert!

#14 Julie on 03.01.09 at 9:45 pm

Love the bundt steamer. I want one! I collect baking tins. I buy from op shops, ebay and the odd garage sale. And my best buys were all in Canberra.

#15 And then we ate the hare | on 02.08.12 at 10:18 pm

[...] pudding basin I scored yesterday had its first use today, again with thanks to the unseasonable weather. I’d picked up some [...]

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